Here we have a list of resources our coaches hold .If you are on a course and would like to borrow some of the books or have a training session and would like some of the equipment please contact the coaches directly.


Championship Swim Training – Bill Sweetenham / John Atkinson (GB/AB)
Swimming Drills for Every Stroke – Ruben J Guzman (GB/AB)

The Swim Coach Bible - Nick Hannula & Nort Thornton (AB)
Advanced Swimming - David Thomas(AB)

Complete Conditioning for Swimming (including DVD) – Dave Salo / Scott A Riewald (GB/AB)
Swimming Anatomy – Ian McLeod (GB)
Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance – Inigo Mujika (GB)
Stability, Sport and Performance Movement – Joanne Elphinston (GB)
Strength and Conditioning for Sport – Clive Brewer (GB)
The Complete Guide to Endurance Training – Jon Ackland (GB)
Triathletes Training Bible – Joe Friel (AB)

Teaching Swimming and Water Safety - AustSwim (AB)
Teaching Swimming Fundamentals – YMCA (AB)
ASA Introduction to Swimming Teaching and Coaching (GB)
ASA Swimming, Teaching and Coaching Level One (GB/AB)
ASA Swimming, Teaching and Coaching Level two (GB/AB)
Non-Swimmer – Anne Eakin (GB/AB)
Swimming – Anne Eakin (GB/AB)
Competent Swimmer – Anne Eakin (GB/AB)

Sports Injuries – Malcolm Read (AB)
Sports Injuries – Prevention & Treatment – Lars Peterson & Per Renstrom (AB)
Mind Training for Swimmers – Craig Townsend (AB)
Swimming Games & Activities - Jim Noble & Alan Cregeen (AB)


Aquapacer Programming Unit with 16 individual pacers (GB)
Poolside Heart Rate Monitor (GB)
Stretch Elastics x 3 (GB)