General Info

Our swimmers have the opportunity to enter a number of different swimming galas.

Midland District Regional Meets:

Graded Meet
This is a competition run to allow swimmers in the District to try and achieve a qualifying time for the District Open Championships later in the season. Swimmers that have qualifying times for the open championships are deemed to be too fast and are not allowed to enter. Similarly in the gala if a swimmer achieves the qualifying time for the open championships then they are deemed to be too fast and can not receive a medal. They will however receive a ‘too fast certificate’.

Open Championship
This is a competition for swimmers who have achieved a qualifying time. Swimmers compete within age bands which relate to their age on the day of the championship.

Distance Meet – 200m,400m,800m,1500m
This is a competition that gives the swimmers a chance to compete in longer distance swims than those in the open championships.

District Sprints – 50m, 100m
This is a competition that gives the swimmers a chance to compete in shorter distance swims than those in the open championships.

Midland District League Gala

There are currently three divisions each comprising five clubs. We have two teams in the district leagues. Swimmers swim as a team, earning points for their team. At the end of the season teams top team in each division is promoted whilts the bottom team is releagted.

National Gala
Within Scotland, national competitions are held at different times of the year. Qualifying times will apply.

Other Galas Run by other swimming club - a variety are entered each year to give swimmers a range or distances adn expereince of different events.

Before a gala
Before a swimmer goes to a gala it is important for them to make sure they have all the information correct:
•    What the date of the meet is?
•    Where the swimming meet is to be held?
•    If the club has organised a bus, what is the meeting point and at what time?
•    Who will be on pool side to guide swimmers through the day’s events?
•    Check the time swimmers are expected to be on pool side ready for warm up.
•    If there are a number of sessions in the meet check which of the sessions the swimmers should attend.

For the gala
Swimmers should wear club swimwear, caps, tee-shirts and shorts at any competitions. In addition swimmers should bring with them
•    2 pairs of goggles ( the spare pair is in case of loss or breakage )
•    At least 2 towels. Swimmers are encouraged to dry themselves off after they have swum, and the other towel is needed for the end of the gala to dry off. For galas where there are a number of sessions it may be beneficial to bring more towels.
•    Spare swimming costume and goggles
•    Indoor footwear, swimmers are not allowed to leave the poolside without appropriate footwear.
•    Swimmers should have plenty to drink available to them on pool side. They should also have a snack, or for meets with more than one session a snack meal may be required. The most suitable snacks are foods that release energy slowly for example high carbohydrates/low fat snacks, pasta, sandwiches, a banana, dried fruit, oat/plain wholemeal biscuits, or rice.

At the gala
•    If swimmers need to leave the poolside for any reason during a session they need to inform the coaches.
•    Swimmers are encouraged to remain on the poolside to support other team swimmers.
•    Swimmers should always show high levels of good behaviour as representatives of Menzieshill Whitehall and be respectful to  coaching staff, gala officials and other teams.
•    Swimmers should listen to any instructions from the coaches before going to the marshalling area, prior to the race. The coaches are there to help the swimmers achieve their best performance in the race.
•    To reduce the chance of any injury, and to prepare their bodies for the race, swimmers should prepare their muscles with some gentle exercises.
•    After their race the swimmers should discuss their performance with the coaches.
•    A snack should be eaten as soon as possible after the race to start the process of replenishing the energy stores within the muscles.
•    Where the facility is available swimmers should swim down after their race in order to reduce the levels of lactate that are in the muscles. A well structured correctly performed swim down should help the swimmer to maintain performance levels throughout the swim meet.
•    Once the swim down is complete it is important that swimmers dry themselves thoroughly and wear dry clothing to keep the muscles warm.
•    Swimmers should always be aware when their next swim is and eat and drink accordingly.

Parents should refrain from giving any technical feedback or performance criticism to their child; this is counter productive and it is the responsibility of the swimmer's qualified coach to deliver any guidance required on areas for improvement. It is important that swimmers experience no confusion as to who they should be listening to with regard to race performances. Praising your child for a good performance is always welcome.