Annual Membership Fee

The current Annual Membership Fee of £75 will reduce to £45 per annum. This will include the registration fee to Scottish Swimming and the District per capita fee.

Competitive Members who are Life Members will be exempt from this.

Competitive Water Polo Players will be required to pay any player competition/registration fee in addition to the above.

Second Claim Members will pay £14 per annum.

Pool Fees

The Club will move to a method of monthly Block Payment as follows-

Hours Per Week --------- Monthly Fee

1-2 hours (see below)---------- £20

3-4 hours ------------------------- £30

5-6 hours-------------------------- £40

7-9 hours-------------------------- £50

10+ hours -------------------------£55

At present, there are a number of Members, within Development 1, who can only be offered 1 hour per week due to waiting lists on particular sessions. In this case, they can continue to “pay as you go” at £3 per hour.

Ad hoc Attendees/Visitors

These Members and visitors can pay as you go at £3 per hour and £5 per 2 hour session.

Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim will be charged at £32.50 per 13 week block for a 40 minute session and £39 per 13 week block per 1 hour session, which will be paid at the start of each block.

Payment of Pool Fees

The new charges will commence from 1st April 2013, and Members can pay their first month’s fee along with their Annual Membership Fee. Thereafter, Members are asked to set up a Standing Order Form which can be given to you from either Zoe Robertson or Susan Mathewson.