Waterpolo development tournament

16th June: Midlands District Junior Waterpolo Tournament 

Seventy two youngsters from seven clubs took part -  the vast majority were aged between 10 - 12 yrs.

All the players received a souvenir Certificate to mark the occasion, signed by the Midand District Vice President, Iain Meldrum.  Iain' says his daughter has just started playing polo at her University.

 For many of the youngsters, this was their first ever experience of water polo.

Before this tournament, Water Polo had not been played at Forfar since the 60s.  Forfar and Arbroath St Thomas, have not practiced the sport before, while Aberdeen, Falkirk and Jaws have only recently started playing.

Other clubs participating were Dunfermline and Menzieshill Whitehall and most of their players were also new.

The event was attended by the Midland District President, Eddie Wilmott, and the Vice President, Iain Meldrum.

 In addition, the Olympic Torch which was recetly carried by Louise Fox (Menzieshill) at Scone Palace was brought along for display and proved to be very popular.

Head coach, Steven Cuthbert said "the day was a huge success with lots of great polo on show .  There were some excellent games, some fantastic individual performances but most of all everyone had fun.  There was no winner, howver, the last 3 rounds of games were all draws which shows the close competitiveness of the teams.
 A huge thanks to Dave Balbirnbie for organising the day with help from Linda Fox and Susan Mathewson and thanks to both Midlands District and Menzieshill Whitehall for funding the day"